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Host or Sponsor a
Sign-Up Party

As part of our mission to raise money to provide enrichment opportunities to the students, the PTSA is looking for parents to host or sponsor a Sign-up Party between now and the end of the school year.

Interested in hosting a Sign-Up Party or have questions on the process? 

Contact Amanda de Vaulx at


How Does a Sign-Up Party Work?

An individual, family or group of individuals sponsor (agree to pay for and/or host) a fun social event.


Rye Neck community members sign-up and pay a reasonable fee attend the event. All proceeds from the amount paid by the attendees goes directly to the PTSA.

How Do We Come Up with a Theme?

Keep it simple and fun!  Pick an activity, sport or interest that you enjoy and rally around it!  Creativity running dry?  No worries, reach out to Amanda at with ANY ideas, questions, or suggestions.  She will help build on your initial thoughts.

Who Benefits from the Event?

All proceeds from these events go directly to the PTSA to support enrichment programs and events at all 4 Rye Neck Schools.  Examples are STEAM programs, Rye Y Recess program, Author Visits, MS Affairs, HS Senior Send-Off, RNIC and SEAC. 

Who Comes Up with the Timing of the Event?

Date, time and details of your Sign-Up Party are up to the host(s).  We just ask that the party take place before the end of the  school year. 

Sign-Up Party Themes & Ideas

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