2021 - 2021 Head Class Parent Guidelines can be found here.

Daniel Warren and F.E. Bellows

PTSA Class Parent Program for 2021-2022


Welcome back to school! 


We hope that you will consider volunteering for the important role of class parent in your child’s class.  Whether you choose to be a Head Class Parent (HCP) or an Event Coordinator (EC), your efforts will be greatly appreciated by the children and staff. We are also asking one HCP per grade to volunteer as a Grade Level Coordinator for grades K – 4. There will be one HCP and two ECs for grades Kindergarten - Fourth.  Each 5th grade class will have one HCP assigned to work collaboratively with the 5th grade affairs team.


Head Class Parents will be asked to:                                  


  • Schedule a meeting with their teacher early in the school year to review each teacher’s needs for the school year.

  • Coordinate with the ECs and other HCPs for class events.

  • Send home a letter to all parents and assist in communication as requested by the teacher.

  • Support the PTSA’s fundraisers. 

  • Recruit volunteers as needed for PTSA events.

  • Collect class funds at the beginning of the year for class events, retain and disburse funds as appropriate.

  • Collect money for and purchase teacher gifts following suggested PTSA guidelines.


Event Coordinators will be asked to:


  • Help plan and run specific class events as directed by the teacher. 

  • Support the PTSA’s fundraisers.


Grade Level Coordinators will be asked to:


  • Coordinate and schedule all grade-level activities and work with the HCP’s to get communications to all parents in the grade.

  • Act as a liaison between the HCP’s and the Grade Level TEACHER team leader.


If you would like to volunteer, please return this form by Wednesday, September 22, 2021. You may return the form to your child’s school, send it via email to president@ryeneckptsa.org or complete it online here.


Please submit one form per family even if you have children in both Daniel Warren and F. E. Bellows. Please note that you MUST have completed the Volunteer Application as required by the Rye Neck School District AND be a current PTSA member for the 2021-2022 school year (join here) in order to be selected as a volunteer. 


It is likely that you will participate in only one of your children’s classes, so please list your children’s names in order of priority.  HCP and EC lists should be finalized about 2 weeks after the forms are received.




Questions? Please contact Megan McFarland.