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STEAM Event for 8th Graders

On November 23rd, the PTSA sponsored a STEAM event for 8th Graders. Tarantino Smith did a terrific job bringing to life Richard Wright’s novel, Black Boy.


It was wonderful to have live theater back. Students were so focused during his performance that there wasn’t a sound in the auditorium.


Following the show, students asked very thoughtful questions. They not only asked about the show but also what it was like to be an actor during the pandemic.  


Special thanks to our STEAM co-chairs for organizing the event.

Help us Build the Rye Neck Resource Network 

What is the Rye Neck Resource Network? The idea is to identify parents, neighbors, recent graduates, or anyone else willing to volunteer to help Rye Neck students by sharing their knowledge and experience.


If I volunteer, what may I be asked to do? We foresee volunteers participating in a variety of ways including:

  1. Talking to students about their careers. Volunteers may participate in a career panel, a small group or meet with students one on one to describe their job/industry/career path, and let kids ask questions to gain some insight.

  2. Giving a Presentation, Lecture, or Demonstration. Topics that have been previously presented include: brain function; Arabic culture; acupuncture and Chinese medicine; and extreme weather.

  3. Sharing your work experience by providing assistance with and/or opportunities for skill-building or possibly sponsoring an internship.


Who can volunteer? Volunteers with careers in all areas are welcome - technology, medicine, hospitality, law, entertainment, finance, biotech, trades, research, consulting, publishing - any!  


How can I volunteer? If you are interested in volunteering, being involved, or simply learning more about this project, please fill out our Volunteer Form by clicking HERE. Also, feel free to pass it along to others!


Questions? Contact Megan McFarland at

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