Please join us for our first SEAC meeting 

Tuesday, October 12th at 7PM via Google Meet to network with like-minded parents, share resources, and learn more about the special services available 

to our children!

Special Education Action Committee (SEAC)

Special Education Action Committee (SEAC) is a group of parents and teachers whose mission is to represent the concerns of students with special needs in the Rye Neck School District.
These students receive school-related services which include Resource Room, Special Classes, Speech and Language Therapy, Counseling, and placement in appropriate programs within and outside of our school district.
As a division of the PTSA, SEAC is represented on the Executive Committee and maintains a committee. Please contact any SEAC member listed below for additional information:


PTSA VP of SEAC            Addy Park           

Daniel Warren                 Morgan Lane                 


F.E. Bellows                      Nicole Alvarez   


Middle School                 Leslie Meyer       


High School                     Tricia McNiff