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Want to Volunteer? Organizing an event?  Need to send an email? Hiring a vendor? Looking to be reimbursed? Need to pay a vendor? This is how you do it:  

  • To send an email to District families on behalf of the PTSA:

  • To hold an event on District Property, with or without an outside vendor (ex. afterschool playdates, STEAM workshops, class photos, book fairs, activity nights, etc.):

    • Fill out the Event Form, sign it and send it to the Building Principal.

      • Complete this when event dates and details are known.

      • List the dates you will be on District Property.  

      • You must fill out a separate form for each school.  For example, for class photos, there should be one event form for DW, another for FEB, and a third for MS even though it is the same vendor.

      • Put your name and contact information as "Supervisor in charge".

      • List any equipment needed (table, chairs, water cooler, etc.).

      • Send the completed form to the Building Principal.  

  • To bring a vendor on District Property  (ex. STEAM workshops, Class Photos, Spring Fair, DJ, etc.):

    • Fill out the PTSA Contract and send it to the vendor for signature.  Once signed, email it to the PTSA President along with the Vendor's W-9 with cc: to PTSA VP. If it is a virtual presentation, contact your VP or the PTSA President for the PTSA Contract for Virtual Presentations.

    • Fill out the Event Form and submit it to the building principal. (see instructions above)

    • Fill out the Application for Use of District Facilities.  ONLY REQUIRED FOR IN-PERSON VENDORS

      • Put your name and contact information as "Supervisor in charge".

      • List any equipment needed (table, chairs, water cooler, microphone, etc.)

      • In the "INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT” list the outside vendor's name as “name of facility user". 

      • Send it to the vendor for their signature. 

      • Gather the required insurance documents from the vendor.  They are listed on pages 5 and 6 of the application.  Samples of the insurance documents are here. Note that the "Description of Operations" on the Certificate of Insurance MUST state: "Rye Neck UFSD, Rye Neck PTSA, NY State PTA, its Boards, employees & volunteers included as Additional Insureds with respect to the General Liability on a primary and non-contributory basis, with a waiver of subrogation."  See page one of insurance samples HERE for additional information and to see the specific language requirements.

  • Send the completed form to the PTSA president at to sign.  It will be returned to you.

  • The fingerprint form (last page) is only required to be completed if an employee of the vendor will be on District property for more than 5 days over the school year.

  • Once you receive the signed Application from the vendor and PTSA President, email them to the building principal or Athletic Director (for use of fields or MS/HS gym)  and ask them to sign the application and cc Mary Beebe-Harrison and the PTSA VP.  Documents must be submitted 30 days prior to the event date.  Please send insurance documents to Mary Beebe-Harrison as soon as you receive them.  

  • You need to pay a vendor.

  • You need to be reimbursed for PTSA-related expenses.

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