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What We Do: Fulfilling Our Mission

Each year, the PTSA has 3 main objectives in order to fulfill our mission while also acting as a collaborative partner to the RNUFSD.

1. Create Calendar & Budget

Each year, we create an a robust calendar of enrichment programs, activities and social events.


From there, a budget is established and voted on by PTSA members in September.


This year our calendar had 100 PTSA-funded programs, assemblies, activities, events and/or touchpoints that benefit the students, faculty and/or community.  


2. Fundraise

We are a non-profit who raises money throughout the school year from membership, social events and raffles, community donations and a handful of PTSA-programs such as After School Clubs and Square1 Art. 

We typically aim to raise $67 / student to support our annual calendar.

Any funds that are raised beyond the annual budget go to

End-of-Year Gifts for the

4 Rye Neck Schools.

Money Raised:

3. Build Community

Our organization wouldn't exist without the generous support, time and energy from our Rye Neck community.  

We prioritize gatherings and events to bring the community together to help others, network and to socialize & have fun! 

We engage the community in a variety of ways in hopes of fostering that close-knit, neighborly support for Rye Neck parents and students. 

Community Programs & Events:


Get to Know Us

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