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Parent & Student Services

Image by Johnny Cohen

After School Playdates

Several one-hour, after-school playground playdates at Daniel Warren are arranged each school year.  The fall playdate coordinates with the Halloween costume exchange. The Spring Playdate includes a sports equipment exchange.

Image by Andrew Draper

Class Photos

The PTSA arranges for Class Photos at DW, FEB and the Middle School.

Image by Kyle Glenn

Rye Neck International Committee (RNIC)

Helps bridge language and cultural gaps and celebrate diversity within our school community. Volunteers are needed to a) be part of a “new family” welcoming committee and b) act as collaborators with administration and teachers for cultural awareness.

Image by Ed Robertson

Book Fairs

The PTSA coordinates book fairs at DW, Bellows, and the MS.  Book Fairs are held in the fall and spring at DW and Bellows and in the spring only for the MS.  Every effort is made to make the summer reading selections available at the Spring Book Fairs.

Image by David Perkins

School Supplies

Complete school supply kits are offered for purchase at Daniel Warren and Bellows.  Purchase information is provided in the Spring for the following school year.  

Image by NeONBRAND

Special Education Action Committee (SEAC)

Act as a liaison to the SEAC standing committee, bring special needs issues to meetings, and serve as a resource for parents of special needs students.  

Image by Sophie Elvis

Book Fair Activity Nights

A family evening event that occurs during both the fall and spring Book Fairs at DW. Each night has a theme, and past themes have included, pajama night, holiday party, camp out and circus games.

Image by Aubrey Odom

Student Directory

A District-wide directory via SchoolBee includes contact information for all families. All PTSA members have access to SchoolBee and hard copies are available for purchase when you become a member of the Rye Neck PTSA for the school year.     

Image by Haley Lawrence

Spring Fair

This community-building event is fun for the whole family with activities, game booths, live music, and fresh food.  

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