Executive Committee Positions:

  • Treasurer

  • VP - High School

  • VP - Middle School

  • VP - Bellows

  • VP - Fundraising


District Wide Positions:

  • Advocacy

  • Because We Care/Heard in Rye

  • Membership (2 positions)

  • Merchandise (2 positions)

  • Newcomers/Welcoming

  • Ribbons for Rye Neck  (2 positions)

  • Rye Neck International Committee

  • Social Committee (2 positions)

  • Social Media

  • Spring Fair (2 positions)

  • Sprint to School

  • Student Directory



Daniel Warren Positions:

  • Book Fair (1 position of 2)

  • Class Parent Coordinator (for DW and FEB)

  • Environmental/Recycling

  • Health & Wellness

  • Garden Club


Bellows Positions:

  • Book Fair (1 position of 2)

  • Class Parents - 5th Grade Affairs (2 positions)

  • Class Photos

  • Environmental/Recycling

  • Health & Wellness

  • Theater Club


MS Positions:

  • Class Parents - 6th Grade Affairs (2 positions)

  • Class Parents - 7th Grade Affairs (2 positions)

  • Class Parents - 8th Grade Affairs (2 positions)

  • Class Photos

  • Health & Wellness

HS Positions:

  • High School Spirit / Senior Send-Off

  • STEAM (1 position of 2)

 For any questions or for more information, contact a member of the Nominating Committee: 

April Tunno: vpms@ryeneckptsa.org  914-879-6519

Nikki Barker: vpsp@ryeneckptsa.org  917-543-8748

Rosa Ferrante: Rospyder1@hotmail.com 914-557-4066

Yeni Morales: yeni_mex123@yahoo.com 914-494-2126

Ruth Homberg: ruth.homberg@gmail.com 917-750-7145

Dear Rye Neck Parents,


The Rye Neck PTSA contributes to the enrichment of students’ educational experiences at the Rye Neck schools. For this to continue, we need your help to fill our open positions for the 2022-23 school year.  There are many opportunities to fit everyone’s needs, whether you have small children, are a working parent, or have a busy schedule.

By volunteering, you will have the satisfaction of helping children during an important stage of their development. It is a great way to meet others in the school community, interact with teachers and administrators, and give back something to your school community.


If you are interested, please send THIS FORM to vpms@ryeneckptsa.org or return it in your child's folder. All forms must be returned by Friday, February 11th, 2022.


The following positions are available for next year (for all open job descriptions, click HERE)