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Ribbons for Rye Neck!
This is the main fundraiser for the PTSA.  It provides nearly 50% of the funds needed to support our annual programming.  The fundraiser takes place from the end of summer in August and ends just prior to homecoming weekend.  All donors will have ribbons tied to their homes to show appreciation for their donations.  

Book Fairs
Book Fairs take place twice a year at both Daniel Warren and Bellows and in June at the MS/HS. 

Parent Social Events
In addition to Newcomers Night, where the PTSA invites all new parents of the district out for a meet and greet, there are other parties that take place throughout the year hosted/organized by Rye Neck Parents.   Past events have included a Ladies Night Out, Guys Night Out, and Couples Party.

Spring Fair

Community Event for the whole family which takes place on a Saturday in early-mid April at the MS/HS campus.  Families are invited to enjoy rides, fresh food, live music, games, and prizes.  It's a great day to spend time with old friends, make new ones, meet your neighbors, and generally have a great time.

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